Samsung Malaysia used a DSLR image to promote the Galaxy A8 Star’s camera

It is pretty much an open secret that companies often use DSLR shots as camera samples for their phones. Many top companies have been caught in such acts of crookery in the past, including Samsung. And it seems the Korean giant isn’t learning, or may be not even trying to learn from its mistakes.

Samsung Malaysia has been caught using a DSLR image to promote the camera capabilities of the Galaxy A8 Star. Interestingly, Samsung Brazil was also caught using stock images from Getty Photos as the camera samples for the Galaxy A8 earlier this year.

Samsung uses DSLR images to advertise its smartphone camera

The Galaxy A8 Star landing page on the official website of Samsung Malaysia has various images seemingly promoted as camera samples from the smartphone. However, at least one of them has turned out to be an image captured using a DSLR. The image was captured by Dunja Djudjic and sold via EyeEm. It was a portrait of herself “goofing around,” as she put it. Curious to find out who the buyer was, Djudjic performed a reverse image search only to find it on the Samsung Malaysia website with a different background.

Samsung Malaysia’s website has two heavily edited iterations of the image. One sports a sharp background, while the other has a blurred background supposedly demonstrating the Galaxy A8 Star’s bokeh abilities. Isn’t this false advertising, you may ask. Well, one can call it false advertising only if the company explicitly mentions that the images are captured using the actual device. Otherwise, it passes on as a reference image.

It was only yesterday an official Samsung account was caught tweeting from an iPhone, and not for the first time. An episode like this isn’t going to help the company’s image.

  • Model: SM-G885F
  • Dimensions: 162.4 x 77.0 x 7.6mm
  • Display: 6.3" (160mm) Super AMOLED
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • Camera: 16 MP, CMOS F1.7 & 24MP, CMOS F1.7


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Kathan Gandhi
Kathan Gandhi

All companies are doing same especially Hawaii & honour brands


They all do it.