[Poll Results!] Android 9.0 Pie is official: Any bets on when Samsung will first release the update?

Android 9.0 is Pie, as Google has now made official. Android Pie is set to roll out to Pixel devices today, just around two days before Samsung will take the stage in New York to unveil the Galaxy Note 9. It’s as we feared: The Galaxy Note 9 will be launched after Android 9.0 has been released, though it’s not like this isn’t something we expect every year when a new Note flagship arrives. And Android Pie isn’t a huge upgrade like Oreo was, so it’s not as exciting, either.

Android 9.0 Pie: When is Samsung bringing it to Galaxy devices?

But that doesn’t mean Samsung can rest easy. The Galaxy S9 is likely to be the first phone to get updated to Pie, with possibly a beta program for various countries before the official update is released. Whether Samsung will take as long as it usually does or bring this year’s major Android upgrade sooner remains to be seen (we’re hoping for the former thanks to Project Treble). But, just for kicks, we here at SamMobile thought we should ask our readers to place their bets on when they think Samsung will release the Pie update for any of its devices.

Of course, we can’t actually start betting here, but that’s where this poll comes in. So go ahead and vote, then tell us your thoughts in the comments. And do check out if your current Galaxy devices is eligible for the Android 9.0 Pie update (this list isn’t final, but we have taken a guess based on Samsung’s history with major updates).

Results: 33 percent of voters think Android 9.0 Pie for Galaxy devices will come sometime between January and March next year. 31 percent think it will come after March 2019, and we have an inkling that some of these voters are those who know Samsung won’t release the update in all markets immediately even if the rollout begins before March. 5 percent of voters say the update could come out in September, which is wishful thinking. 5 percent voters don’t want to guess, while 4 percent say they don’t really care. The rest believe the update could come out sometime in the last three months.

Place your bets: When will Samsung release the Android 9.0 Pie update?
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