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[Poll Results!] What should be Samsung’s strategy for Android?


Last updated: May 23rd, 2018 at 23:03 UTC+02:00

Samsung is the biggest Android smartphone vendor on the planet and has been for many years. Perhaps that why many fans and enthusiasts, in particular, were disappointed to know that there's not going to be an Android P beta for the Galaxy S9 even though Google has opened up the beta program to devices from the likes of Xiaomi and Nokia.

Android and Samsung have done a lot for each other over the past few years. Samsung wouldn't be where it is today in the smartphone market without Android and Android wouldn't be such a popular mobile OS if it weren't for Samsung. As it stands, though, some fans think that Samsung still leaves a lot to be desired in the software department.

Samsung Experience, the company's custom skin, has come a long way and it offers features that you won't find in stock Android or on any other device. The question is, though, as it enough in the increasingly competitive smartphone market? Some key manufacturers are now adopting stock Android because many users are beginning to value faster platform and security updates over third-party features and interfaces.

Should Samsung keep its head down and remain focused on Samsung Experience or should it start phasing it out gradually in favor of stock Android as well, yielding us handsets similar to the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition?

Or should the company try to strike a balance between the two and offer some devices with stock Android to appeal to those who want it? The nuclear option would be to ditch Android altogether and go for something new but with Tizen essentially dead in the water, it's impossible that this is something Samsung would be willing to do.

Vote below and let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

Poll Results: This poll has yielded an interesting result. The majority (36%) of those who participated believe that Samsung should try to strike a balance between its custom skin and stock Android. Interestingly, 34% of the respondents feel that Samsung should start focusing on stock Android.

With users' frustration due to Samsung's update schedule knowing no bounds, it's possible that many just want a switch to stock Android hoping that it would bring them faster updates. Only 26 percent believe that Samsung should remain fully focused on Samsung Experience. Do you agree with the majority? Discuss in the comments below.

What should be Samsung's strategy for Android?
  • Try to strike a balance between the two 36%, 1341 vote
    1341 vote 36%
    1341 vote - 36% of all votes
  • Start focusing on stock Android 34%, 1279 votes
    1279 votes 34%
    1279 votes - 34% of all votes
  • Remain focused on Samsung Experience 26%, 968 votes
    968 votes 26%
    968 votes - 26% of all votes
  • Ditch Android completely in favor of something else 5%, 181 vote
    181 vote 5%
    181 vote - 5% of all votes
Total Votes: 3769
9 May 2018 - 23 May 2018
Voting is closed
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