Samsung updates Unpacked app for the Galaxy S9, adds a cool AR trick

Samsung sent out invitations to the press yesterday officially confirming that it’s going to announce the Galaxy S9 on February 25. The Galaxy S9 is likely going to be the only major flagship smartphone unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2018 next month if reports are to be believed.

As we await Samsung’s next Unpacked event, the company has updated its Unpacked app for the Galaxy S9 and it has added a cool augmented reality trick to it in the process.

Unpacked 2018 app has an AR trick

Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 app is available now. It’s counting down to February 25 when the Galaxy S9 will finally be unveiled. It’s similar in terms of the look to the invites Samsung sent out yesterday. You can download the Unpacked 2018 app from our APK page.

The app allows users to find out everything that they need to know about the upcoming event. Attendees can also register their username and password through the app to receive a QR code invitation that they can then use as an entry ticket on February 25.

There’s an AR button in the top right corner. Pressing it prompts you to scan any Samsung or Galaxy logo nearby. You can do that off of a product box or another device. It brings up the augmented reality version of the Unpacked 2018 venue in Barcelona.

We’ll be on the ground in Barcelona next month to bring you all of the updates from Unpacked 2018 live. Don’t forget to follow the Galaxy S9 launch event right here on SamMobile.


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I bet that Samsung will get rid of the navigation bar in the S9 and use iPhone X-like gestures for navigation instead, Samsung already wants you to hide the bar in the S8 because it causes burn-in issues, and it takes up too much real-estate from apps / makes the chin look bigger.


I wouldn’t be mad. On screen buttons are an eyesore on screenshots, although Samsung does have the best looking on screen bottons by far.


Yep, I’ve hidden my navbar with an ADB command and used inwards swipes from edges to navigate with an app called “All in one Gestures” since May, before Samsung ever added navbar hiding as an official feature. The curved display edges are perfect for comfortable swipe navigation, they actually serve a big purpose to me now even though I don’t use edge panels.