Samsung to be the sole LTPO OLED supplier for Apple’s iPhone 13 series

The majority of OLED displays used by Apple for the iPhone 12 series is being supplied by Samsung. One fourth of OLED panels used by the iPhone 12 lineup was reportedly supplied by LG, but the supply chain will look a little different later this year. A new report from the Korean media claims that the two most expensive iPhone 13 models will boast LTPO OLED technology supplied exclusively by Samsung Display.

It may be too early to be certain of this but the source claims that Apple will release a total of four iPhone 13 models later this year, two of which will boast LTPO OLED panels with a refresh rate of 120Hz. LG Display will remain an Apple supplier but because the company is not yet capable of churning out a high-enough quantity of LTPO OLED panels, Apple will depend entirely on Samsung to acquire displays for the two most powerful iPhone 13 variants.

Samsung Display is looking to rearrange its production lines

LG doesn’t seem to be able to supply Apple with LTPO OLED solutions earlier than 2022, but Samsung Display is reportedly already looking to increase its LTPO OLED production capacity in anticipation of the iPhone 13 series.

Samsung Display might convert part of its A3 line at the Asan plant for LTPO production. The line reportedly has a monthly production capacity of 105,000 sheets but the company might be changing the production line to deliver 60,000 LTPO OLED sheets per month.

In contrast, LG can only produce 5,000 LTPO sheets per month at its Paju plant, but to Apple’s relief, the company is installing additional equipment to increase its production capacity to 25,000 sheets per month by 2022. Samsung Display has the clear advantage over its neighboring rival, however, Apple will want to avoid relying on a single supplier, reason why even BOE was taken into consideration as a potential iPhone 12 OLED manufacturer last year before the deal fell through.

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