Would you pay extra for S Pen support on your current smartphone?

Following this week’s report that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include S Pen support, it’s really starting to seem like the Galaxy Note line is living on borrowed time. Not all of us are convinced this year is the year, mind you. But after half a decade of clueless “insiders” scaring us into defending the Galaxy Note family, Samsung itself started signaling this particular flagship series won’t be around for much longer.

There isn’t a simpler explanation for why its signature feature – S Pen support – is now making its way to more smartphones. Sure, it’s been compatible with the Galaxy Tab S devices for many a generation, and even got implemented into an odd mid-range tablet here and there. But that’s not the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra getting S Pen functionality, not to mention this week’s report suggesting the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is following suit. Because tablets were never eating into Samsung’s Galaxy Note sales, but $1,000 flagships most certainly are.

Regardless of whether this speculation is accurate, one thing that’s beyond doubt is Samsung’s belief that many consumers would pay extra for the S Pen. This brings us to today’s poll which is purely hypothetical, for once. We thought this would be a fun exercise to garner people’s current feelings on not the Galaxy Note line itself but the prospect of having an S Pen at their disposal. Imagine if you had the ability to upgrade your current device with a Galaxy Note 20-grade digitizer and an accompanying stylus.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t even using a Samsung smartphone right now, it might actually make things easier. Now, recalling how much you paid for your current device, would you have considered spending even more if it meant getting a supported S Pen? Will you now? Because you might actually be able to make that choice in the near future, across way more smartphone lineups than what’s currently available in terms of stylus capabilities.

Would you have paid extra for S Pen support on your current smartphone?
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