[Poll] Dual SIM Galaxy S9 may have an issue with missed call notifications

Are you missing calls on your dual SIM Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ but seeing no mention of a missed call in the phone’s notifications afterwards? You might not be alone, as some owners of the dual SIM Galaxy S9/S9+ have complained that their phone doesn’t show them a missed call notifications at times. It’s unclear if this issue extends to both the S9 or S9+, although the solution for many seems to be disabling the inbuilt caller ID and spam protection feature from the phone’s call settings.

Some Galaxy S9 units are missing missed call notifications

Samsung doesn’t bundle spam protection on its flagships in every country, which might explain why none of our dual SIM units has the issue, and it may be why your device isn’t acting weird with missed call notifications either. Unfortunately, disabling spam protection doesn’t seem to work for everyone, and it’s not a proper solution anyway if users have to disable what can be an important feature. The issue persists even after the recent software update that was rolled out to the Galaxy S9 and S9+, so either Samsung isn’t aware some users are having this problem or hasn’t heard enough reports to be taking it seriously just yet.

But the recent update did improve call stability, and hopefully, the company will take notice, see what’s causing the issue, and roll out a fix in the next update. We have reached out to Samsung for a comment on the matter, and while we wait for a reply, tell us if your Galaxy S9 or S9+ (dual SIM or otherwise) is making missed call notifications disappear by voting in the poll and leaving a comment down below.

Also, if you want to try out the temporary solution, open the Phone app, tap the three-dot button at the top right, tap Settings, then go into the Caller ID and spam protection menu and disable both features. You can also use this app for third-party notifications as a workaround until Samsung rolls out a fix.

Does your Galaxy S9 or S9+ fail to notify you about missed calls?
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