New Galaxy Tab S4 benchmark hints at a 16:10 aspect ratio

Recently we came across a GFXBench listing for what appears to be the Galaxy Tab S4. The benchmark revealed many key specifications of the upcoming Samsung flagship tablet. The benchmark pegged the Galaxy Tab S4’s display at 10.5 inches with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. This gives the tablet an aspect ratio of 16:10, which will be a departure from the Galaxy Tab S3’s 4:3 aspect ratio.

Returning to the original aspect ratio?

The same alleged Galaxy Tab S4 model has now surfaced on an HTML5 benchmarking website adding more credibility to its existence. Though this HTML5 browser benchmark doesn’t reveal any key specifications, it does again hint at the possibility of a 16:10 display on the Galaxy Tab S4. The benchmark lists the device as running Android 8.0 and sporting a questionable 1280×800 resolution. While the low resolution puts a question mark on the integrity of the listing itself, it’s possible that the true details have been masked. The benchmark listing could also be an elaborate fake as that’s always a possibility.

When Samsung launched the first-generation Galaxy Tab S back in 2014, it came with a 16:10 SuperAMOLED display. However, from the Galaxy Tab S2 onwards, Samsung adopted the increasingly popular 4:3 aspect ratio to better compete with other flagship tablets. If the Galaxy Tab S4 indeed launches with the 16:10 aspect ratio, then it marks Galaxy Tab S line-up’s return to its original aspect ratio. It is not yet clear what reasons would motivate Samsung to go back to the old aspect ratio when almost all the premium tablets in the market are sticking to 4:3 for their screens.

Remember, benchmark results can be faked easily. So, take all the information you gather from benchmark listings with a pinch of salt. What aspect ratio do you prefer on your tablets and why? Do let us know in the comments.

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