Exclusive: Next high-end Galaxy M series phone could be the Galaxy M62

We’ve learned through our sources that Samsung is planning to expand the Galaxy M series next year with the addition of a new model that could hit the shelves bearing the Galaxy M62 moniker. Once it goes on sale, it should become the most powerful Galaxy M smartphone to ever come out of Samsung’s factories.

To be precise, we’re not entirely certain of the Galaxy M62 moniker but our sources tell us that this upcoming Galaxy M device carries model number SM-M625F. Therefore, it would make sense for it to be known as the Galaxy M62 publicly, not only due to the model number itself but also because of Samsung’s history with the Galaxy M series over the past couple of years.

The company’s most powerful Galaxy M smartphone in 2019 was the Galaxy M40, which was followed by the Galaxy M51 in 2020. Naming the next device in the series the Galaxy M62 seems logical, perhaps more so than some of Samsung’s other naming conventions.

The Galaxy M62 should come with a whopping 256GB of storage

Although there’s not a lot of information to go by regarding the Galaxy M62’s internal hardware, we were able to learn from our sources that the device will feature 256GB of storage. We’re unsure if 256GB will be the only storage option or the most expensive one, but either way, this is the most built-in storage that’s ever been available on a Galaxy M smartphone.

This year, the company’s Galaxy M series pushed the boundaries of battery capacity, particularly with the Galaxy M51 and its monstrous 7,000mAh unit. The Galaxy M62 could have a similar battery configuration all the while elevating the Galaxy M lineup to a new level of storage. Samsung has already brought 256GB of storage to a lower price point with the Galaxy S20 FE so perhaps the company will adopt a similar strategy with some of its budget-oriented Galaxy models next year.

Are you a Galaxy M smartphone enthusiast and do you own the Galaxy M40 or the Galaxy M51? What are your expectations from the so-called Galaxy M62, and are there any particular areas that you would like Samsung to focus on improving with the 2021 lineup? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more details.

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