Samsung Galaxy A90 might have 45W fast charging

The Samsung Galaxy A90, which is reportedly being tested in South Korea, might take advantage of 45W fast charging. This would push the OEM’s fast charging barrier considerably further, nearly doubling the existing 25W upper-limit found on several Samsung handsets including the Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy A70, and Galaxy A80.

This is according to a recent tweet from prolific leakster Ice Universe, who claims that the same feature will also be present on the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. This information is a bit conflicting, but more on that below.

Samsung to test 45W fast charging on A series before the Note 10 arrives?

Several Samsung smartphones now take advantage of 25W fast charging. The company first announced the technology alongside the Galaxy S10 5G, but the flagship was not the first Samsung device to bring it to the public. Instead, 25W fast charging debuted on the Galaxy A70.

In light of this recent rumor, it could be argued that Samsung might repeat history and introduce 45W fast charging on the Galaxy A series before the technology will be pushed as a major feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series later in August. There’s no strong evidence as to when the Galaxy A90 might hit the shelves, but the device is reportedly being tested with South Korean carriers. This means that it should be closer than the Galaxy Note 10 to a market release.

The Galaxy A90 aside, this new rumor does conflict with the recent reports surrounding the Galaxy Note 10 Pro’s fast charging capabilities. The idea of 45W fast charging being adopted by the upcoming phablet emerged at the beginning of June, but a more recent report suggests that the device will “only” have 25W fast charging.

Ice Universe indicates otherwise in his recent tweet, so as of now, it’s anyone’s guess how the story will develop. Perhaps the standard Galaxy Note 10 will have 25W fast charging, while the Note 10 Pro will benefit from 45W, as the source suggests. Or, if Samsung will reiterate history, it could be that 45W fast charging will be reserved for the 5G-enabled Galaxy Note 10, much like 25W was for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy A90 will indeed be the first to push the limits to the next level.

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