Samsung launches a new Frame TV with design and feature improvements

Samsung unveiled the home-décor focused Frame TV last year at CES 2017. The premise behind the model was to make a TV that blends into the interior of your house as a work of art when not being used as a TV. It was more than a concept product as Samsung commercially launched it in many markets around the world throughout the year.

The company has now announced a successor to the last year’s model with many design and feature improvements. Similar to its predecessor, the 2018 Frame TV has a 4K screen but now comes with improved HDR capabilities with HDR10+ support. The new model also packs all the smart features found in Samsung’s 2018 premium TV lineup. These include seamless setup using your Galaxy smartphone, Bixby integration, and smart home features, etc.

Comes with customizable bezels

On the design front, the Frame TV 2018 comes with four customizable bezels (sold separately) of different colors – black, white, walnut and beige wood – that users can swap via magnets to match the interior design of the room. The included proprietary ‘No Gap Wall Mount’ will ensure the TV hangs flush to the wall, similar to a painting frame.

Since morphing into a digital artwork is the Frame TV’s main selling point, Samsung has made many improvements on that front as well. The art collection in the Samsung Art Store is now expanded to 800 diverse works, which the customers can either purchase individually or opt for a monthly subscription at $4.99. New subscribers will get a one-month free trial of the subscription service.

Samsung has also made it easier to explore and select the art you want to display on your wall. Apart from the genre, the new UI now supports browsing artworks by color scheme and medium (drawings or photography) to suit your room décor. Once curated, the Frame TV will shuffle through your collection like a music playlist. The TV is equipped with sensors to automatically adjust the screen brightness in Art Mode based on the ambient light in the room.

The 2018 Frame TV is available for purchase on Samsung US website starting today. It comes in two different sizes – a 55-inch variant priced at $2,000 and a 65-inch variant priced at $2,800. The customizable bezels cost $200 each for the 55-inch model and $250 each for the 65-inch model. Other retailers will start selling the new Frame TV sometime this month.

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