Galaxy S8 may feature a force touch display

Samsung is already predicted to make huge hardware changes to the Galaxy S8 so no rumor or report seems too optimistic at this point in time. Citing multiple industry sources, a report out of South Korea suggests that the Galaxy S8 might feature a force touch display. Samsung is apparently considering going for a pressure sensitive display, commonly known as 3D touch or force touch, for its future high-end smartphones starting with the Galaxy S8.

The company might introduce its force touch display with the Galaxy S8 but the sources quoted in the report claim that full adoption for other Samsung handsets might take up to two years. Apple and Huawei are just some of the companies that already have smartphones with force touch displays out in the market. Samsung Display is actually the main supplier of force touch displays to Huawei so it’s quite likely that Samsung might adopt its own display if it really wanted to introduce force touch with the Galaxy S8.

The report even cites an unnamed executive at Samsung’s component division who said that the company is indeed working on force touch technology for its smartphones and that it’s going to adopt the technology “in the near future.” It’s pertinent to mention here that Samsung hasn’t said anything about a force touch display for the Galaxy S8 so it would be best to take this report with a grain of salt, even though it doesn’t feel entirely impossible for this to happen.


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5 months 14 days ago

Please no. I am happy with the screen hover. When used with the S pen, it is perfect. I don’t want to press twice to find different options. No Samsung no.

5 months 15 days ago

nobody wants this feature

5 months 15 days ago

We had the ability on s4 to hover over the screen to popup xtra info. I turned of this feature as it got to be annoying. I dont fancy trying to learn how hard to press the screen to get xtra info just for it to happen when i dont want it. I can see this will get annoying too. Just have a long press. Its less likely to be invoked by mistake

5 months 15 days ago

some day …

5 months 15 days ago

Gimmick, no thanks.

5 months 15 days ago

Noone needs this gimmick.

5 months 15 days ago

What’s that?

5 months 15 days ago

you are probably referring to the S9? Are you?
Development for the S8 is closed already.

5 months 15 days ago

Im pretty sure it will since they integrated force touch like feauture in latest 7.0 beta