‘Explorer’ is likely the third variant of the Gear S3 smartwatch

We exclusively reported recently that the Gear S3 smartwatch has a rotary bezel like its predecessor and that it’s going to be unveiled at IFA 2016 next month. Previous reports reveal that there will be a Frontier variant of the Gear S3 and today we told you that the new smartwatch will be available in a Classic variant as well like the Gear S2. It appears that there might be three different variants of this smartwatch, the third being the Gear S3 Explorer.

There isn’t a lot of information available about the Gear S3 Explorer at this point in time but it’s claimed to feature a crown as well as buttons on number 2, 4 and 10. The Gear S3 Explorer is also going to allow users to change the watch bands as and when they feel like it. The Frontier and Explorer monikers suggest that Samsung is gearing its new smartwatch towards those who prefer an active lifestyle, we exclusively reported on some of those features which include an integrated GPS, speedometer and barometer. More information about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will continue to trickle in as IFA 2016 approaches, however, so far we’ve not seen any leaked images of the Gear S3.

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