Galaxy S7 survives being immersed in water for 16 hours

Samsung claims that its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, can survive being immersed in water as deep as 1.5-meters for approximately thirty minutes. However, one very optimistic YouTuber, who operates under the name of Unbox Therapy, took it upon himself to push the handset to the extreme in order to see if it could last not one, not two, but sixteen hours in a jar of water. Much to our surprise, after removal from the receptacle, the device was functioning perfectly. Although, we suspect that it had to be left for a very long period of time to dry before it could be recharged.

Check out the experiment in the video below:

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not really that big a surprise. The Phone is rated for 30min at a depth of 1.5m where the pressure on the seals is considerably higher than inside of a mason jar.with a bit of luck he could have left it in there for a week without ill effects.