The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge prevent you from charging them when the microUSB port is damp

Although Samsung has warned users of its flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, not to charge them straight after they’ve been submerged in water to prevent any hardware issues from occurring within the handsets, it appears that the South Korean company may actually have integrated a safeguard into the units to stop any electrical harm coming to them, if a post over on the XDA Developer forum is anything to go by.

Senior XDA Member xxaarraa claims that four hours after plugging his shiny new Galaxy S7 edge into the wall following a brief submersion in water to capture an image, an error message popped up on the display informing him that “Moisture [has been] detected in the charging port”, thereby safeguarding his handset from being charged before it had dried out and preventing the device’s internals from being ruined by any moisture surging through the unit via the fast charger.

At the time of writing, xxaarraa’s S7 edge has not yet dried out and still won’t charge using a wall adapter, which has led members of the community to suggest that the safeguard is thankfully pretty sensitive.

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