Galaxy S7 pre-order sales reportedly lower than last year

A report out of Korea claims that pre-order sales of the Galaxy S7 are lower than what Samsung saw with the Galaxy S6 last year. This is despite the fact that Samsung has tried to get more people to pre-order the latest flagship smartphones by offering a free Gear VR headset with every unit. The report claims that consumers have not shown a “dramatic response” during the pre-order period and that the actual pre-order sales are lower than that of the Galaxy S6.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that customers don’t like Samsung’s latest smartphones. Market watchers are of the view that consumers in South Korea no longer prefer the pre-order system and that for some the Gear VR isn’t an attractive incentive to put money down for a new Samsung flagship. The Galaxy S7 could very well end up selling more units overall than its predecessor as consumers decide to pick up the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 edge when it becomes available in stores and particularly when carriers and retailers start offering deals and promotions.

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