Exclusive Preview: Android 5.0.1 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Galaxy S5 LTE-A

Samsung has been very busy porting Android 5.0 to all of its flagship devices released since the Galaxy S4, and we’ve given you exclusive previews of Lollipop running on the Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, and the Note 4. Earlier this week, we revealed that Samsung is working on Android 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A and that the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge would skip 5.0 and go directly to 5.0.1; now, you can take a look at the latest version of Android running on the three devices.

Android 5.0.1 isn’t a very huge upgrade over 5.0, but the 5.0.1 builds have a couple of new features, such as slow and fast motion video recording, and also fixes multiple bugs. The builds aren’t fully finished; for example, Multi User support is present on the S5 LTE-A, but is currently missing on the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. This suggest Samsung still has some work left to do, but given the pace at which the company has been making improvements in these early firmware, it should be ready to start rolling out these updates sometime next month.

Go ahead and watch Android 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, Galaxy Note 4, and the Galaxy Note Edge in the videos below. Oh, and for those wondering, we’re working on a new background for our videos, which we will disclose as part of our upcoming site redesign!

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