Patents filed show concept Samsung SmartWatch, aka ‘Gear’


Last updated: August 5th, 2013 at 08:07 UTC+02:00

Following a report indicating Samsung will announce its first smarwatch, said to named Samsung Gear, on September 4, a few patents that the company filed for a smartwatch have been found at the Korea Institute of Patent Information, showing a prototype design in detail.

Registered on May 31, the model number SM-V700 is mentioned again in the patent filing, and the images show what seems to be a concept design that may or may not make it to the actual product, though the final design should be something similar. You can make quite a few things, such as the placement of the power button, USB port, speaker/mic, and capacitive back and menu buttons, though again, these could just be part of the concept and may be placed differently.



It’s seeming more and more likely that Samsung’s smartwatch will be on demonstration alongside the Galaxy Note III, and for those that are actually interested in a smartwatch, well, let’s hope it’s a great product instead of just an attempt to beat Apple to the market. We’ll stay on the lookout for any other info about the smartwatch, so stay tuned.




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