Watch the Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo feature in action [Video]


Last updated: February 25th, 2018 at 19:58 UTC+01:00

The Galaxy S9 may not be that big of an upgrade in the design department but the handset does come with a set of new software features that hope to justify the high cost of purchase for new customers. The ability to shoot “Super Slow-mo” video happens to be one of those features. We’ve made a short video showing the Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo feature in action.

Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo feature

As the reports had predicted, the Galaxy S9 has a Super Slow-mo feature that’s capable of recording footage at an incredible 960 frames-per-second in HD resolution. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung has also added a manual method of capturing slow-mo video so users can really tweak how they want the footage to be captured.

The manual slow-mo capture functionality lets users define a space in the frame with a square box in the viewfinder. It’s only when the square box picks up movement is the slow-mo feature enabled. This results in more dramatic slow-mo videos which is really what this feature is all about.

The Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo feature also lets users play their clip backward after it has been captured. They can even export it has a GIF which can then be easily shared online and via messaging apps.

Check out the short video below to get a sense of how the Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo feature works.

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