Samsung SM-G8750 may launch as Galaxy S8 Lite/mini in China

There’s been some confusion over what the Samsung devices with model numbers SM-G8850 and SM-G8750 actually are. The two handsets had shown up as possible Galaxy S9 mini variants, but recently, Chinese certification authority TENAA published photos and specs of the SM-G8850 and suggested that it’s a variant of the Galaxy S9 for the Chinese market with all the fancy features from the Galaxy S9+ (like 6GB of RAM, dual rear camera) and an iPhone-esque design. The SM-G8850 was also seen on the AnTuTu benchmark with mid-range specs before it hit TENAA, however, which is what has led to the confusion over why Samsung might be preparing two smartphones that seem like a mini Galaxy S9.

A Galaxy S8 mini for China

Well, thanks to the website, it has now been revealed that the SM-G8750 might be a mini/Lite variant of last year’s Galaxy S8 and not the Galaxy S9 as we deducted earlier. The phone has been certified by the organization with Dream-Lite CN CHINA as the product name. Some of you might remember that the Galaxy S8 was codenamed Project Dream when it was undergoing development, and you can see this codename mentioned inside the Galaxy S8 box (at the back of the cutout on which the phone is placed) if you own the device. For the Galaxy S8+, the codename changes to Dream2, so the Dream-Lite sure sounds like Samsung is preparing a lesser version of the Galaxy S8, at least for the Chinese market.

And a Galaxy S8 Lite or Galaxy S8 mini for China would make as much sense as a better specced Galaxy S9, as Samsung needs all the help it can get to claim back some of its lost market share in the country. A Galaxy S8 mini would allow it to sell a mid-range device with the name of a flagship attached to it, and we suppose that would help attract a few consumers, although it’s tough to say what Samsung’s strategy is going to be given how Chinese consumers are spoiled for choice thanks to local OEMs.

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