Exclusive: Galaxy S11 storage options will leave you spoiled for choice

It may still be too soon to talk about the Galaxy S11 but we have received some interesting information about the flagship that we’d like to pass along. It appears that customers will be spoiled for choice when deciding how much internal storage they want on their Galaxy S11.

Samsung is going to offer four internal storage options for the Galaxy S11 series, which will unquestionably include multiple models. We hear that the options will range from 128GB all the way up to a whopping 1TB.

Galaxy S11 storage options

It has technically been possible to have a terabyte of storage in your Samsung smartphone for a couple of years now. A 512GB Galaxy Note 9 coupled with a 512GB microSD card would yield the same result. However, a terabyte of internal storage will be nothing to scoff at.

It may ostensibly be super-fast UFS 3.0 storage. That’s the standard Samsung chose for the Galaxy Note 10’s internal storage. There’s a good chance that we may also get UFS 3.0 storage in the Galaxy S11, but we’re still waiting on confirmation about that.

The SM-G981 Galaxy S11 model will be available with 128GB and 512GB of internal storage. The SM-G986 will be offered in 128, 256 and 512GB flavors while the SM-G988 will get all three options in addition to a 1TB option. It’s good that customers are going to get a lot of choices.

A word of caution. This could change in the coming months as Samsung finalizes its plans for the Galaxy S11. 128GB and 1TB (for 5G variant) options for the Galaxy Note 10 were discussed initially as well but Samsung eventually ended up deciding not to offer them for the device.

The microSD slot situation on the Galaxy S11 is not yet known. Samsung did remove the slot from the Galaxy Note 10 so there’s always the possibility that it may consider a similar move for at least one Galaxy S11 model. In the event that it does the inevitable, the added options would certainly cover bases for customers.

Expect to hear more about the Galaxy S11 in the coming days. We’ll be sure to update you as we hear more about Samsung’s 2020 flagship.

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