You will soon be able to buy the Pink Galaxy S8 in Europe

Customers didn’t have the option to buy the Pink Galaxy S8 in Europe but that’s going to change soon. A retailer in the Netherlands has confirmed that the Pink Galaxy S8 is going to be released in Europe officially. The handset will be sold in this color option across Europe in the near future.

Samsung launched the Pink variant of the Galaxy S8+ in Taiwan initially back in June. The company confirmed last month that it will launch the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ with this color option in Mexico as well.

It’s the same Galaxy S8 that we all know and love. Nothing else is different about this variant with the paint job being the obvious exception.

A listing for this particular variant of the Galaxy S8 was spotted earlier today at the Dutch online retailer Belsimpel. The retailer doesn’t have a listing for the Galaxy S8+ so it’s unclear if it will be making its way to Europe.

Belsimpel has since confirmed that this is the Dutch model and not one that has been imported. It will be released in the Netherlands and across Europe soon. The retailer is allowing users to reserve a unit now though it hasn’t confirmed when shipments will begin.

Pink Galaxy S8 in Europe

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