Galaxy S8 could get Android 7.1 soon, and maybe other Samsung devices as well

Android 7.0 Nougat is currently out for numerous Samsung devices, and while you might say these run on the latest version of Android, that isn’t completely true. Samsung’s Nougat builds are based on Android 7.0, while Android 7.1 has been out for a few months. Usually, Samsung incorporates features of newer point upgrades without changing the version number on its devices, but the lack of features like Google Daydream VR support on the Galaxy S8 suggests it isn’t the case with Android 7.0.

But it seems that Samsung is finally ready to introduce Android 7.1 to its devices and could start with the Galaxy S8. The latest version of Samsung’s S Health and Game Tuner apps now support Android 7.1 (as seen on the APK Mirror website), the first time we’re seeing this on any of the company’s apps. Game Tuner’s changelog for the latest version also says that support for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been added, so it certainly looks like Android 7.1 could be released for Samsung’s latest flagships at some point in the near future.

Perhaps the update will go live as soon as the phones go on sale, but at this point there is no saying if and when it will happen. It also remains to be seen whether existing Samsung devices will get Android 7.1 anytime soon and whether Samsung will be pulling in features from Android 7.1.1 into the 7.1 build that it will make available to its devices. In any case, we’ll let you know should the update get released and if there is more information on the same.


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8 days 8 hours ago

I just got a 345 mb update on my Galaxy S8+, its in the process of updating so not sure if it’s the 7.1

UPDATE: It doesn’t appear to be 7.1, still says 7.0 in my “About” section on the phone

9 days 23 hours ago

Finally got the nougat update for samsung s6 edge G925I in india.

Alexandru Carjan
18 days 12 hours ago

And yet here I am without Andorid 7 on my international S6 because the firmware still isnt available…..

18 days 13 hours ago

I am sure Samsung devices that haven’t got Nougat update yet will get 7.1 or 7.1.2.

18 days 14 hours ago

Wow… while all our USA unlocked S7′s 930u are still on 6.0.1

18 days 15 hours ago

Haha, Android 7.0 out for S7/Edge ? I don’t think so. Many countrys stays since several months on 6.01. the belgium unbranded also did not receive security patches since december. what a joke… Sorry

18 days 16 hours ago

Samsung has been slowly updating it’s apps with the new icon designs as seen on the S8. Based on this analogy, they might as well push the new UI/UX to the S7/E and older models as well.

18 days 17 hours ago

7.1 was expected to be on upgrade from 6.0 on S7/S7 Edge. And only 7.0 was shipped

18 days 15 hours ago

That’s my thoughts too, I really doubt it now, because they said during the Beta that 7.1 was going to be the update arriving. they’re on 7.1.2 now, it really ought to ship with that version!

18 days 17 hours ago

it will be an amazing surprise to unbox the phone and have an update do 7.1
for the price they ask it should be standard to release a phone with the latest android version possible.