Albeit unofficially, Samsung addresses RAM management issues on the Galaxy S6

If you’ve been following SamMobile lately, you would have read about the poor RAM management that has been affecting the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. It certainly isn’t something you expect on a flagship phone of 2015, let alone on any phone that costs as much as the S6/S6 edge. However, based on what we’ve just learnt, it appears as though Samsung has not only acknowledged, but also addressed the poor RAM management.

“I’ve personally been irritated by the horrendous RAM management on my Galaxy S6 edge – apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, which usually stay in memory and show up instantly on devices with 2GB+ RAM, often take time to load as the phone keeps killing their processes,” is what Abhijeet had to say about the issue. Thankfully, Samsung is taking care of these issues one at a time via means of micro-updates.

Responding to a user’s query around the same issue, Samsung UK said that the company would be rolling out updates that would correct the issue.

As usual, we’ll be the first ones to inform you about the updates and the efficacy of the same. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about the issue in all!



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