Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model numbers explained by region, connectivity, and processor

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung kicked off a new method of putting model numbers on its devices, putting a different letter at the end of a particular phone’s model number to differentiate it by country, carrier, and region. So, for example, the Galaxy Note 4 for AT&T carries model number SM-N910A, the T-Mobile variant is SM-N910T, the international Snapdragon variant is SM-N910F, and so on. Naturally, given the huge amount of regions Samsung launches its devices in, it’s led to some confusion about what model number applies to which region, an issue that has surfaced with the newly launched Galaxy Note 4 as well.

However, if you were feeling a bit lost about which Galaxy Note 4 model is for which region, XDA Developers forum member lqhorochi has published a very nice list that details each model based on region, carrier, processor, and the network bands supported by a particular model. There are more than 20 different variants; as usual, in some cases a single country itself has more than one model, making the list all the more helpful and informational.

Hit the source link to get all the details on the various Galaxy Note 4 models.


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