Milk Music Premium arrives, offers unlimited skips – and then some

Shortly following its launch in March of this year, Samsung’s music streaming app began attracting reports that a paid subscription would soon be integrated into the project. With its most recent update, this option is now available. For the $3.99 per month you’ll be paying, you get: unlimited song skips, the ability to play without a network connection, an automatically-pausing Sleep Timer feature, and a toggle for whether or not you hear the Station DJs.

The free version of the app will still be available, but will cap song skips to six per station and will also continue featuring occasional advertisements. As far as comparing this offer to some other popular music streaming services we can see that Samsung is striving to be the low cost alternative. Spotify, Google Play Music, and Beats Music all charge $9.99 per month and provide many of the same features, albeit with a slightly larger music library. Pandora One costs $4.99 per month but Milk Music Premium remains the least costly option for satisfying your streaming needs.

In order to upgrade, open the Milk Music app and access the menu tab. From there, tap on Settings (noted with the gear icon) and immediately under your Samsung Account details you should see the option to “Learn More” about upgrading to Premium for extra features. At the moment it does not appear that there is a free, trial period of the Premium version but we would love to hear what you all think of the new option.


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2 years 8 months ago

Milk music is better than pandora. I use it to stream music to my car. But not sure if I am willing to pay monthly fee.

2 years 8 months ago

Hello, i think nobody will use that app, because of Rocket Player or because of other music apps, nobody wants to pay ca$h per month, better way is make an app with less than 3 ads and u need to Close it by [X] and u get that cas$h like $0.25, but it is in my humble opinion. Greetings Sammobile

2 years 8 months ago

Rocket Music Player is an app that runs music you already have, Milk Music etc are steaming services that let you get more music by paying every month. You’ve gotten the concepts of music players and streaming services mixed up. :)