EXCLUSIVE: Galaxy Note 4 features like ‘Multi Network for Booster’, ‘Aqua Capture’, and ‘Smart Fingerprint’ under testing

The Galaxy S5 has been out in markets for more than a month, and naturally, all eyes are now on Samsung’s upcoming phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 4. Every Galaxy Note device has introduced many new software features that have combined with Samsung’s excellent hardware to make the Galaxy Note series the best phablets around, and now, we’ve received exclusive information that reveals some of the features that Samsung is testing for the Galaxy Note 4. According to our insider, these features are currently being tested on the Galaxy S5 with Android 4.4.3 as a base, and should make a debut on the fourth-generation Galaxy Note.

These features include – as told to us by our sources – ‘Swipe to launch Motion Launcher’, ‘Aqua Capture’, ‘Multi Network for Booster’, and ‘Smart Fingerprint.’ Aqua Capture seems to be similar to the Aqua Mode on the Galaxy S4 Active that allowed users to take photos underwater, which is a good sign that the Galaxy Note 4 will be even more water-resistant than the Galaxy S5. Multi Network for Booster could be the same as the Download Booster feature on the Galaxy S5, which combines a Wi-Fi and mobile data connection to download large files faster.

Meanwhile, “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher” sounds pretty similar to the Motion Launch feature on the HTC One M8 – on the latter, users can wake up the device, launch the camera, and more by swiping on the screen when the display is off, and it’s possible Samsung is looking to implement something along the same lines, though that isn’t a certainly until we get more info on the feature.

As for Smart Fingerprint, we would guess it’s just a way to customize actions when a finger is swiped over the fingerprint sensor – the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S5 can already carry out quite a lot of functions, from something as simple as unlocking the phone to complex things like making PayPal payments, and Smart Fingerprint will probably add even more possibilities.

As always, this information comes at an early time, with the phone itself not expected to be announced for another three months, so some of it could change in the time to come. Just what all these features do is something we’ll have to wait and see, though we’ll be working on getting more information from our trusted insiders on Samsung’s plans for its next-generation phablet.

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