Samsung’s Disney AR Emoji deal is a masterstroke

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung introduced AR Emoji. Like the iPhone X’s Animoji feature, AR Emoji lets you create emojis that “follow your movements and expressions,” and Samsung managed to rope in Disney to bring many of its popular characters to AR Emoji. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse emojis have already gone live (see how to start using them here), and over the course of the year, more Disney characters will be made available. While Samsung’s implementation of AR Emoji isn’t that great, especially when compared to Apple’s Animoji (which has the benefit of the iPhone X’s Face ID technology for more accurate emulation of the user’s face), the company has stepped up its game with the collaboration with Disney.

Samsung’s Disney AR Emoji deal is a masterstroke

Disney has always been popular with children, and it’s also managed to attract parents through its animated movies (films like The Incredibles and WALL-E have found fans in both the young and old) and, in the last decade, through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apple is famous for its design and software, but Samsung seems to have taken up the task of bringing new features that can attract more and more customers. Super slow-mo videos are one such feature, but while you may not always find yourself wanting to take a slow-mo video, AR Emojis can be real fun, especially when it comes to communicating with your family and friends, something you’ll do all too often.

AR Emoji will also prove a hit with children, and I just think Samsung has pulled off a masterstroke by teaming up with Disney, despite the latter’s usually cosy relationship with Apple (particularly with the cartoon side of things; the Apple Watch, for example, comes preloaded with Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch faces). Sure, AR Emoji could be better, and at this point only the Mickey and Minnie Mouse emojis are available, but this collaboration shows how Samsung is starting to think ahead in areas that many might not deem so important.

For me, it’s the best collaboration Samsung has ever cooked up, and the only thing the company needs to do now is hype it up, add more Disney characters as soon as possible, and work on improving AR Emoji the best it can.

The ball’s in Apple’s court now.

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