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New Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Trio will charge three devices at once


Last updated: August 28th, 2020 at 22:51 UTC+02:00

After two years, Samsung is at least ready to deliver a direct follow-up to the Wireless Charger Duo in the form of – what else than – an even larger accessory designed to service three devices simultaneously. The new gadget will be advertised as the Wireless Charger Pad Trio, according to known industry insider Evan Blass. The same source just shared one of the official press renders of the Wireless Charger Pad Trio (shown above). The sole fact that a high-resolution render of the gadget even exists is indicative of an imminent release.

Much like its predecessor, this next-generation product is equipped with a conventional USB Type-C port and will ostensibly ship with a fast-charging cable and USB-C power adapter. Naturally, we're looking at yet another one of Samsung's solutions utilizing the Qi wireless charging specification.

It's to be expected the Wireless Charger Pad Trio will offer 15W charging support identical to that of the Wireless Charger Duo. What's more, while the black variant of the device seen above may be end up releasing on its own, history tells us it shouldn't be long before Samsung at the very least gives us the choice between black and white iterations.

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As things stand right now, there's no reason to believe the Wireless Charger Pad Trio is meant to outright replace the Wireless Charger Duo. That is, Samsung is much more likely to be selling both of them moving forward, together with its single-slot chargers and related accessories. There's still no word on the price but given how the Wireless Charger Duo still goes for $99, expect to part with a pretty penny in exchange for this iterative sequel. Then again, anyone whose collection of smartphones, wearables, and other electronics with wireless charging support has been growing on the regular in recent years will know that the luxury of charging multiple gadgets from a single source is a pretty massive quality-of-life improvement.

It's quite possible the wait until the release of the Wireless Charger Pad Trio may only last a couple more days. As a reminder, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Z Fold 2 next Tuesday, September 1st, which is as good of an opportunity as any for it to move some unprecedentedly spacious wireless chargers.  Now, if it could only get around to making its fast wireless charging tech worthy of that moniker.

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