Samsung US discounts 5 cheapest Galaxy A phones by $50

It’s not like Samsung hasn’t already been pushing the envelope of affordability with its latest Galaxy A devices. And it’s not like we’re not just a few weeks away from the biggest shopping frenzy of the year. But a handful of the company’s cheapest phones just got treated to a flat $50 discount in the United States. Better yet, it appears the price cut is valid for both unlocked and carrier-specific variants of the eligible smartphones.

More specifically, this surprise sale encompasses the Galaxy A01, Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A20, and the Galaxy A21. These five devices are currently available for as low as $49.99, depending on the exact variant. Whereas the most expensive of the lot will currently set you back only $199.99.

Outvalue this: Samsung kicking off Black Friday sale early

By all accounts, Samsung is getting some Black Friday promos out of the way early. Which makes sense, because once the real thing starts, it will probably want to highlight deep price cuts on more higher-grade products with healthier (in this case: any) profit margins.

These aggressively discounted prices are even compatible with financing options. There’s currently no word on how long this promotional period might last, but again, it’s likely this sale won’t be around long enough to join the Black Friday craziness.

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