Samsung reportedly wants to sell 1.5 million QLED TVs in 2018


Last updated: March 26th, 2018 at 14:27 UTC+02:00

Samsung wants to further expand its position in the global premium TV market which is why the company has reportedly set an internal goal to sell 1.5 million units of its QLED TVs in 2018. It’s a very ambitious target considering the fact that the company is believed to have sold 1 million units just last year. If it’s able to achieve this figure it would translate into a 50 percent surge in sales in just one year.

Samsung wants to dominate the premium TV market again

Industry sources told The Korea Herald that Samsung’s display unit has set a goal to sell 1.5 million QLED TVs in 2018 to expand the gap to its competitors in the global premium TV market. If the company sells more of these expensive TVs, it will be able to raise the average selling price of its total sales volume.

Samsung is facing stiff competition in this market so it will really have to focus all of its energies to ensure that it can meet this goal. “The strategy is to raise its revenue by concentrating on selling super-sized TVs,” said an unnamed Samsung official cited in the report.

Some industry watchers are of the view that Samsung is set this ambitious goal because it wants to reclaim the lead in the global premium TV market after slipping to third place for the first time in 12 years last year after Sony and LG took the first two places.

The company unveiled its 2018 QLED TV lineup about three weeks ago in New York. It brings design innovations and new technological advancements such as Direct Fully Array contrast technology. It’s also the first smart TV lineup from Samsung to feature Bixby integration.

Samsung revealed the prices for its 2018 QLED TV lineup only recently, the new range starts at $1,500 and goes all the way up to $6,000. It’s offering the new models in different screen sizes ranging from 49-inches to 82-inches with both curved and flat panels.

Whether or not Samsung is able to achieve this goal to sell 1.5 million QLED TVs this year remains to be seen.

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