Samsung can now reportedly supply OLED displays to Huawei

After the US government imposed sanctions on Huawei, Samsung had to cease the supply of memory chips and OLED panels to the Chinese firm. However, the South Korean firm had requested approval from the US to keep Huawei as its client. Now, it appears that Samsung might be able to start supplying components to Huawei.

According to a new report coming out of South Korea, Samsung Display recently received approval from the US government to supply certain display products to Huawei. Samsung’s display manufacturing arm is the first company to earn such approval after sanctions against Huawei came into effect a few weeks ago. The US government may have granted the license since display panels are less sensitive, and Huawei can already get panels from BOE.

Similar approvals have reportedly been awarded to AMD and Intel as well. These firms can now supply processors for Huawei’s computers and servers. The Chinese firm is still struggling to receive memory chips, so it is being reported that it may not increase its display panel procurement from Samsung by a huge margin.

Samsung’s display and chip manufacturing arms have taken a hit after sanctions were imposed on Huawei. However, the company’s smartphone business has gained a lot, especially in markets like Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

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