Samsung proclaimed world’s best employer in Forbes study

One silver lining to all the hardships so many have been enduring throughout this year is that the unfavorable circumstances helped the global workforce draw a more concrete line between companies, good companies, and great companies. Samsung belongs firmly in that final category, having just been proclaimed the world’s best employer, based on an annual Forbes study conducted by Statista.

While far from the only list of its kind, this particular leaderboard is held in considerable esteem; not just because of the Forbes brand, but due to the fact its methodology involves surveying tens of thousands of working professionals all around the world. This year, that figure reached no fewer than 160,000 respondents. So, it definitely gives Samsung some palpable clout in the context of business excellence.

Samsung rose to the occasion this year

And given the countless ways in which Samsung has gotten involved in the global fight against the by-now-not-so-novel coronavirus pandemic – from operational support for governments and other businesses to swiftly developed mobile solutions for individuals, factory closures, smart vaccine trials, and profound work culture changes – the company will definitely be able to hold its figurative head high once this year comes to a close. Even though business obviously hasn’t been great, as most conglomerates would agree.

But not many would have pledged themselves to global relief efforts as decisively as Samsung has. Of course, not many can ever hope to be in such a diversified position to get so involved in the first place, but it’s still a commendable thing to witness. Especially given how ethical concerns keep looming over Samsung‘s general practices, as tends to be the case with any business that gets to this size.

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