Samsung is developing a new F-branded low-cost phone, the Galaxy F22

Samsung’s somewhat confusing Galaxy F series of devices appears to have been successful-enough to persuade the company to develop yet another F-branded model. New evidence shows that Samsung is now working on a so-called Galaxy F22 for India. This was hinted at by @_the_tech_guy on Twitter, but more importantly, we were able to confirm through our own sources that the Galaxy F22 is indeed being worked on.

The Galaxy F22 will most likely be based on the Galaxy A22, though it’s important to note that the Galaxy A22 / A22 5G has yet to be officially introduced. It’s been leaked and rumored in spades but it continues dodging the market. This might suggest that Samsung could be preparing both the Galaxy A22 and the Galaxy F22 for a simultaneous release, though the Galaxy F22 is expected to remain exclusive to India, whereas the Galaxy A22 should see a more widespread release in Europe and other markets.

Assuming that the Galaxy F22 will share its DNA with the Galaxy A22, it will be interesting to see if it will follow the 4G or the 5G formula, or both. The Galaxy A22 5G is expected to go on sale with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset and 6GB of RAM in tow. The A-branded device is bound to become the company’s cheapest 5G phone at the time of launch, though time will tell if the same will be true for the Galaxy F22.

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