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Samsung’s second-generation 50MP ISOCELL camera sensor brings improved autofocus, HDR


Last updated: February 23rd, 2021 at 04:59 UTC+02:00

Samsung had unveiled its ISOCELL GN1 50MP camera sensor last year, bringing a perfect balance of high megapixel count, large pixel size, and autofocus speed. Today, the company has announced a successor to its first-generation 50MP camera sensor in the form of the ISOCELL GN2. This 50MP sensor brings even faster autofocus and improved HDR performance.

The ISOCELL GN2 is a 1/1.12-inch camera sensor with 50MP resolution and 1.4μm-sized pixels. It supports 4-in-1 pixel binning (effectively 12.5MP images with 2.8μm pixels) to offer impressive performance in low-light conditions. The new camera sensor also has the ability to use its intelligent re-mosaic algorithm to capture three 50MP frames (red, green, and blue) and create a 100MP image for higher details.

Samsung ISOCELL GN2 50MP Camera Sensor Dual Pixel Pro

The South Korean tech firm is also introducing its new autofocus technology called Dual Pixel Pro for the first time with the ISOCELL GN2. The new sensor has one hundred million phase detecting agents for ultra-fast focusing. Moreover, it uses not only vertical but also diagonal focusing for more reliable performance, helping in conditions when a frame has no pattern changes in the horizontal direction. This results in better focusing in low-light conditions and on moving objects when compared to the ISOCELL GN1.

The ISOCELL GN2 also features staggered-HDR, which ensures that images have a higher dynamic range than real-time HDR. Scenes that have both bright and dark areas are captured with rich details and vivid colors, thanks to staggered-HDR. The new HDR mechanism also consumes 24% lower energy compared to real-time HDR. The new camera sensor also features Smart ISO and Smart ISO Pro for improved light sensitivity and dynamic range.

Samsung’s newer-generation 50MP camera sensor can also capture Full HD videos at up to 480fps and 4K videos at up to 120fps. The company has already started the mass production of the ISOCELL GN2 camera sensor, and we can expect it in newer smartphones later this year.

Duckhyun Chang, Executive Vice President of Sensor Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “ISOCELL image sensors and its technologies have made vast improvements to deliver the quality and performance one would expect from top-tier prograde cameras. Our new ISOCELL GN2 features Dual Pixel Pro, an innovative all-direction auto-focusing solution that elevates the agility to capture moments as they unfold. Adding on Smart ISO Pro and a variety of advanced pixel technologies, pictures from GN2 are more true-to-life than ever.

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