Next-gen Exynos SoC with AMD GPU crushes Apple in early benchmark


Last updated: January 25th, 2021 at 17:22 UTC+02:00

The new Exynos 2100 chipset employed by the Galaxy S21 flagship series feels refreshing thanks to Samsung’s decision to abandon its custom CPU cores in favor of ARM’s design. The SoC is capable-enough to compete with the Snapdragon 888 solution from Qualcomm, but one area that hasn’t fundamentally changed is the graphics chip.

The good news is that AMD and Samsung have combined forces and — as you may have already heard earlier today — the next-generation of Exynos chipsets powered by AMD graphics might hit the consumer market sooner rather than later. So soon, in fact, that the Korean media claims to have acquired early 3D benchmark results pertaining to Samsung’s upcoming AMD-powered mobile chipset solution.

Giving the Apple A14 Bionic chipset a run for its money

Samsung’s mysterious chipset that’s supposedly scheduled for a 2022 release doesn’t have an official name yet, but the solution has apparently been benchmarked using GFXBench.

This is the the point where we should highlight the fact that the rumor at hand was picked up and passed along by IT Home from a Korean community website, and there don’t seem to be any screenshots to support it. But for what it’s worth, the alleged benchmark results are very positive and the mysterious Exynos chipset powered by AMD is a lot more capable at 3D graphics, so much so that it beats the Apple A14 Bionic SoC:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro / A14 Bionic GFXBench (offscreen) results:

  • Manhattan 3.1 = 120 fps.
  • Aztec Ruins (normal) = 79.9 fps.
  • Aztec Ruins (high)  = 30 fps.

Unnamed next-gen Exynos chipset (alleged) GFXBench results:

  • Manhattan 3.1 = 181.8 fps.
  • Aztec Ruins (normal) = 138.25 fps.
  • Aztec Ruins (high) = 58 fps.

Once again, we need to stress the fact that the source hasn’t shared a screenshot to support these figures, but even if there was one, it would probably still be too early to be entirely certain of the leak’s validity.

We do expect AMD’s GPU to make a big positive change in Samsung’s chipset lineup but we’ll have to wait and see if those improvements will be in line with what was shown in this leak. Either way, Apple won’t sit idly by and Samsung’s next-gen solution will compete with the tentatively-named A15 Bionic next year.

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