Samsung claims it’s ‘redefining’ TV tomorrow: Here’s how to watch it try

Although it’s scheduled to take place in the next 24 hours, Samsung’s next product event remains a sizable mystery. But the very fact that the company went through the trouble of giving it its own identity – “Unbox and Discover” – tells you this one’s going to be big.

OK, Samsung does, as well, to be fair. And in no uncertain terms, given how it vowed to “redefine the role of the TV” on the occasion. That promise was laid out in last week’s Unbox and Discover video teaser which you can watch below.

What could be the next big thing for TVs?

Speaking of things that you can watch, tomorrow’s event is going to be streamed live, much like your typical Galaxy Unpacked. Meaning you’ll be able to tune into the free broadcast via Samsung’s website and YouTube. You can also return to this article tomorrow as we’ll have it updated with a link to the actual stream as soon as one’s available.

The Unbox and Discover stream is scheduled to kick off at 10 am EST / 4 pm CET / 8:30 pm IST. The inclusiveness of this airing schedule is another indication that Samsung really has high expectations for tomorrow and intends to publicize them globally.

It’s possible we’ll hear some new info about Samsung’s Neo QLED TV line during the event. But that series is already available to order and scheduled to begin shipping later this month. So, it doesn’t really fit the star-of-the-show mold, despite early reviews being more than a little promising.

Either way, Samsung appears confident that it knows what the next big thing for TV is going to be. And based on its recent moves in the mobile space, that future will almost certainly include buttery smooth refresh rates which are way higher than 60Hz.

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