First Galaxy Note 20 leak reveals major hint about its design

Samsung is due to launch another flagship smartphone later this year, it will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy Note 10. Initially believed to be called the Galaxy Note 11, seeing as how Samsung has jumped straight to the Galaxy S20 branding, there’s a good chance that its next phablet may be launched as the Galaxy Note 20.

This Galaxy Note 20 leak has dropped a major hint about its design, particularly that of the top-tier Galaxy Note 20 model. Who knows if Samsung ends up using the “Ultra” branding for that as well.

Galaxy Note 20 leak drops a big design hint

Tipster @rquandt has posted some images of a mold for an inlay of the Galaxy Note 11+ (possibly Note 20 Ultra) LED View Cover. The LED View Cover is a staple accessory for Samsung’s flagships so it would make sense for the company to offer one for the Galaxy Note 20 as well.

The aspect ratio could be off, he cautions, but that’s not what stands out here. The massive cutout for the camera housing is impossible to ignore. It appears to be very similar to the one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. That’s not surprising, given that we already expect the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 20 model to boast the same camera specs as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This mold also has the hardware buttons on the right side of the frame, a design choice that has been consistently used in Samsung’s recent handsets. It will be completely opposite to the buttons on the Galaxy Note 10 which were all placed on the left side.

It’s far from being the only Galaxy Note 20 leak as we will surely see more in the months to come. However, given the state of the world right now with the pandemic and everything, it remains to be seen if it’s going to be business as usual around the Galaxy Note 20’s expected arrival in August this year.

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