Android Auto bug on Samsung phones appears to have been fixed

Over the past few months, various Samsung smartphone users were reporting an Android Auto-related bug. It would stop users from accessing Android Auto when their Galaxy device was connected to their car’s infotainment unit. Now, the software bug seems to have been fixed via a software update.

Galaxy smartphone users had started encountering an error message that reads, “Internet connection isn’t strong enough at the moment,” despite an active internet connection. The error only plagued Samsung’s smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10, and it started appearing in early 2020. While it wasn’t clear what was causing the issue, Google acknowledged the problem and vowed to fix it with an update to the Google app.

Users are now reporting that the error is no longer showing up and that they are now able to use Android Auto on their car’s infotainment unit via their Galaxy smartphone. It is still not clear if Google or Samsung fixed the bug. Both Google and the South Korean smartphone giant released software updates recently, but none of them listed the Android Auto bug as being fixed in the changelog.

If you’ve been facing Android Auto-related bugs on your Galaxy phone, we recommend you to install the latest firmware that’s available for your phone and the latest versions of Android Auto and Google apps on your device via the Play Store. Google is also expected to roll out another Android Auto update in the coming weeks to fix more bugs.

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