Galaxy S10 display hole may not be as big as the Galaxy A8s

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy A8s which left many of its fans wondering about the size of the Galaxy S10 display hole. All of the teasers and renders for the Galaxy A8s had shown a smaller display cutout compared to the one on the actual device.

The Galaxy A8s is Samsung’s first smartphone with an Infinity-O display. That’s the same display technology that Samsung is expected to use for all three models of the Galaxy S10. A purported protective film for the Galaxy S10 suggests that the cutout may be smaller on the Galaxy S10.

Protective film hints at the Galaxy S10 display hole size

The three models of Samsung’s next flagship include a 5.8-inch entry-level model with a 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 and 6.4-inch Galaxy S10+. All three will reportedly feature an Infinity-O display, with the entry-level device getting a flat panel. This display has a hole in the panel itself for the front camera. It eliminates the need for a notch and many of our readers think it’s a good alternative.

Based on this protective film for the Galaxy S10, it appears that the display cutout may be smaller than it is on the Galaxy A8s. The bezels also appear to be slimmer than they are on the Galaxy A8s. The 6.1-inch 19:9 aspect ratio display may not make one-handed operation of the device too difficult.

It’s pertinent to mention here that the Galaxy A8s is also Samsung’s first Galaxy A series device with an LCD display. That won’t be the case with the Galaxy S10, not even with its entry-level model. It will feature an AMOLED display.

It’s common for protective films and covers to surface ahead of the upcoming launch of a flagship. Bear in mind, though, that they don’t always tell the full story. It’s not that difficult to fabricate something like this after all.


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I can’t believe they actually think putting a hole on a screen was a good idea… it looks awful. I was ready to upgrade from s8+ but now I don’t know…


well i don’t like it 🙁 i don’t like hole ! il stay with my s9 for 2 or 4 years !!!


Big or small, I don’t like it. I will keep holding my S9 plus for two years anyway. I hope with S11 that they will have got rid of the hole. it doesn’t matter for me , the hole and the notch are not good designs in my opinion. Bezel is better. If they can hide the camera under the oled screen that is also fine. I would not want to see a hole in my television or my computer screen and I don’t want it on my phone. Maybe not all will agree with me but it makes no… Read more »