5G Samsung phone will reportedly be showcased at MWC 2019

A new report out of South Korea is stating the obvious today. It claims that a 5G Samsung phone will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in February. MWC is one of the biggest annual industry tradeshows. Samsung has long unveiled some of its most innovative devices there.

It’s not like this wasn’t already expected. Countless reports and rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at MWC 2019. It’s said to be Samsung’s first 5G enabled smartphone, even though not all Galaxy S10 variants will be 5G enabled.

5G Samsung phone expected to launch in March

Industry sources cited in the report claim that both Samsung and LG will be showing off their 5G smartphones at MWC 2019. They’re aiming to launch the smartphones in March before commercial 5G networks launch in select markets. The report also notes that the Galaxy S series will be marking its 10th anniversary at the event.

Citing earlier reports, it reiterates that Samsung will showcase three Galaxy S10 models and a separate one with 5G. This model may only be made in limited numbers and released in select markets. Commercial 5G networks are expected to go live in South Korea and the US in the first half of 2019.

Its Korean rival LG may be one to watch out for at MWC 2019 as well. The company recently shook up the leadership of its mobile division. It was previously expected to showcase its 5G smartphone in May but has now reportedly decided to do that at MWC 2019. It doesn’t want to be a latecomer to the 5G market, it seems.

The 5G Samsung phone has essentially been confirmed by the company itself for both Verizon and AT&T. It even confirmed a second 5G device for AT&T which would arrive in the second half of 2019. This would most likely be the next Galaxy Note device with 5G.

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