AT&T may just have confirmed Galaxy Note 10 5G variant

Whatever a new Galaxy S flagship gets, the Galaxy Note flagship that follows does as well. That will stand true for 5G support next year, and AT&T may just have confirmed it in its latest press release. AT&T has announced that it will offer a second Samsung phone with 5G support in the second half of 2019. Like the Galaxy S10 5G announcement, AT&T isn’t mentioning the device’s name. But it’s easy to guess that it’s the tenth-anniversary Galaxy Note the carrier is talking about.

Now, we didn’t really need confirmation that the Galaxy Note 10 would also support 5G networks. The Galaxy S10 is going to be the first Samsung phone with 5G compatibility, and Samsung can be expected to keep the momentum going with the Galaxy Note 10. Of course, whether 5G networks will have captured a wider foothold by the time the Note 10 comes around is something only time will tell. It also remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note 10 will have a separate model that supports 5G or whether Samsung will release just a single version of the Note 10 that offers 5G compatibility as long as a particular country has 5G networks.

Like AT&T, Verizon is also likely to offer a 5G-enabled Galaxy Note 10, even if it isn’t already being as upfront about upcoming Samsung 5G smartphones as AT&T. And no matter the carrier, it’s Samsung that stands to benefit from being among the first to launch 5G smartphones. The company plans to invest as much as $22 billion in 5G and AI technology in the coming years, and it may just be one of the ways Samsung manages to keep consumers interested as it fights off declining sales and consumer demand.


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I don’t belive that S10 with 5g will be bigger and have more camers. I think that it will be the same as normal S10, but with 5g modem.


Here in Poland we don’t have 100% 3G coverage.
In some places, like countryside I have only 2g connection.


Same in Bosnia