Samsung Health updated with new features, UI and better personalization

Samsung has launched a new version of its Samsung Health app today. Version 6.0 of Samsung Health brings a variety of new features in addition to a new user interface. It will also provide enhanced personalization so that users can take greater control of their health and wellness.

Samsung Health is used by more than 65 million people monthly worldwide. The new user-friendly visual design makes the app more interactive and easier to navigate, something that many of those 65 million users will appreciate.

Samsung Health 6.0 features and improvements

Samsung has taken users’ feedback into consideration and has simplified the home screen. It’s now categorized and prioritized based on the user’s personal needs and habits. This lets them quickly access the features they use the most.

The “Together” tab has been improved as well. Users can share photos and mark their fitness milestones with friends inside the app. They can also connect with the global Samsung Health community to exchange texts and photos in order to encourage each other to achieve wellness goals.

The improved “Discover” tab will offer a more personalized experience now with articles, programs and partner apps being shown based on the user’s interest and level of fitness. It will even let users purchase wearables, accessories and additional health-related goods and services from within the platform.

Given that it now has a new smartwatch on the market – the Galaxy Watch – the Samsung Health interface on the company’s wearables is also being improved. More information will be available at a glance, such as GPS and heart rate tracking information and even a workout countdown. The app’s new wellness and stress management features will let users track their sleep cycles through the Sleep Stage Detection feature. It will also allow them to manage stress in real-time with heart rate and heart rate variability monitoring.

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The new design language with floating cards and new fonts/colors looks really nice, it’s probably a preview of what we’re going to see with Android Pie (Samsung Experience 10) when the beta is coming two months from now. There has to be a major redesign this time, as the very basics of what Android looks like have been updated with Pie. This time they can’t just stick to the same notification panel and UI look they’ve been using since 2016.