Samsung Galaxy Watch price and release date confirmed

The much-rumored Galaxy Watch was officially announced by Samsung today at an event in New York City. It’s also where the company announced its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Watch price and release date has been confirmed by Samsung today.

Galaxy Watch price and release date

It was reported multiple times prior to the official launch that the Galaxy Watch will be offered in two different sizes. We now know that to be true after Samsung’s official announcement today. The company will be selling the Galaxy Watch in 42mm and 46mm sizes.

This is a good decision on the company’s part. Customers who don’t like wearing chunky watches will prefer the 42mm model. That size is generally preferred by women as well even when they’re shopping for conventional watches. The 46mm model is the perfect size for those who like larger watches that are in vogue these days.

The Galaxy Watch comes with a brand new processor and bigger batteries so that users don’t have to charge their smartwatches daily. Subtle design improvements have also been made to the device. Contrary to popular rumors that the Galaxy Watch might be a Wear OS device, it runs Tizen 4.0 out of the box.

Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Watch price and release date at its event today. The 46mm and 42mm models will cost €329 (~$380) and €309 (~$360) respectively. The former will only be available in Silver while the smaller model will be sold in Midnight Black and Rose Gold. Both models will get multiple band options. The Galaxy Watch price is slightly lower than that of its predecessor. Samsung priced the Gear S3 classic and frontier at €399 in Europe.

The company is going to release the Galaxy Watch on August 24 in the United States and August 31 in South Korea. It will subsequently be released in other markets across the globe on September 14. Samsung’s regional divisions will confirm pricing and availability information for their respective regions in due course.

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