[Poll] Galaxy Note 9: Which color are you picking up?

The Galaxy Note 9 is now official, and as expected, Samsung will be putting its latest flagship up for sale on August 24 in some markets. The phone will be available in Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, and a new Metallic Copper option. Not all colors will be released in every market, but until we find out availability details for specific markets, how about telling us what color has taken your fancy?

Which Galaxy Note 9 color did you like?

Which color will you be picking up (or are hoping you will be able to pick up) when buying the Galaxy Note 9? Midnight Black is, without a doubt, the color for traditionalists. But the other colors are also quite endearing, including the Ocean Blue Note 9 which has a yellow/golden S Pen. You can check these out in our hands-on experience with the Galaxy Note 9, then tell us the color you’re looking at right now by voting in the poll and leaving a comment with your thoughts.

Which Galaxy Note 9 color did you like?
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