Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price and release date

The Galaxy Note 9 is now official as Samsung’s most feature-packed flagship yet. The company has thrown in everything it could think of, including an S Pen with Bluetooth control and a huge battery, alongside everything we saw on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. That includes stereo speakers, the latest silicon, and a camera that can switch between two apertures and take 960 fps slow-motion videos. What will all of this cost you, the consumer, and when will the Galaxy Note 9 release?

Galaxy Note 9 price starts at €999

The Galaxy Note 9 brings a lot to the table compared to even the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung has decided to go with a similar price tag for its new device. The Galaxy Note 9 will be available for €999 in Europe for the base variant, which comes with 128GB internal storage. The 512GB variant, meanwhile, will cost €1,249. The pricing will be similar in non-European markets, or around $950. From August 9 to August 23, Samsung will take pre-orders and offer €100 for trading in an old smartphone. If you hand over a Note device, you will get €200 instead, which should make the upgrade less heavy on your pockets.

As for the release date, the phone will – you guessed it – hit retail shelves on August 24 in Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, and Lavender Purple. The 512GB model will only be available in Midnight Black. European markets are also expected to miss out on the copper color option. Not all color options may be available in other regions, either, and we will only get to know as and when Samsung divulges pricing and release information for each country.

Check out our hands-on experience with the Galaxy Note 9 and let us know if you’re thinking of picking up the device when it goes on sale later this month.


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Why spend 1200 euros on to a phone that next year with the arrival of 5G will be obsolete?


5G revolution next year (2019)! 😀