Galaxy Note 9 keeps its cool during gaming with a ‘water carbon cooling system’

The Galaxy Note 9 is the exclusive launch device (along with other Galaxy devices) for the Android version of the popular game Fortnite, but that’s not the only thing the new Samsung flagship has going for it as far as gaming is concerned. To help the Galaxy Note 9 keep its cool during intense gaming sessions, the phone comes with what Samsung is calling a “water carbon cooling system,” which reduces chances of overheating by 21 percent.

Galaxy Note 9 will keep its cool while running Fortnite

The Note 9 comes with a thermal spreader that’s 3x bigger than anything on previous Samsung flagships, along with a carbon fiber interface for better heat transfer. Samsung has also added some AI shenanigans that will adjust the game’s performance when necessary to keep the gaming experience as stable as possible. The AI algorithms are no doubt taken from the company’s Game Tuner app, only now the phone will auto-adjust parameters. Of course, the same cooling system should also come in handy for DeX mode, which lets the Note 9 connect directly to an external monitor to offer a desktop interface without the need for a DeX station.

To download Fortnite on an existing Galaxy flagship since (and including) the Galaxy S7, click this link on your mobile browser.


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Waiting for JerryRigEverything to dissect Note 9 and see how this is implemented..


Definitely useless, it’s just an heat pipe that will tranfer the heat to the smartphone’s body (so definitely not a specifically designed heat dissipator) and then to the user’s hands, just like it’s been since S7. It will be definitely annoying also given that they are not able to make a decent kernel while other manufacturers with the same chips run perfectly cool. A lot can change in a day, but it does not mean it will