BREAKING: Fortnite for Android available for Galaxy S7 and later Samsung flagships!

Well, it seems the Galaxy Note 9 wasn’t supposed to be the only Samsung device with exclusive rights to Fortnite for Android. The game has already gone live on the Samsung Galaxy Apps store for all Galaxy flagships from the Galaxy S7 and above and also the Galaxy Tab S3. We are downloading it right now on a Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9+ as we write this, and if you’re interested, you can click this link in the browser on your phone to go to the Galaxy Apps listing and download it.

Fortnite for Android available for Samsung Galaxy flagships

The game may not be available for everyone, but we can access it in the Netherlands and India so it may be available in many other countries. The game will be exclusive to Samsung’s devices for three days before opening up as a beta for all Android devices. We’ll update this post if the game actually lets us play a multiplayer match. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 9 unveiling, which is going on right now.

Update: We have been able to get into a game on the Galaxy Note 8, but the graphics settings seem to be limited to medium settings on the device and locked to a maximum of 30 frames per second. We will try it out on the Galaxy S9+ and see if it’s the same on that device. The Galaxy Note 9 may well have exclusive rights to the highest graphics setting at the moment.


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