Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack spotted online, but may not mean anything

The Galaxy Note 9 will be officially announced by Samsung in a couple of days, but thanks to endless leaks, we already know pretty much everything about the device. It doesn’t look like the leaks will stop there as more of them keep popping up online, taking away whatever little excitement is left in the Galaxy Note 9 announcement.

In a new leak, blurry images of a Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack have surfaced online. The pictures show a Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack box with many freebies inside. The alleged package includes a Galaxy Note 9 case, car charger, cable, wireless AKG headphones, and an unknown accessory from 3M. Before you get too excited, this Value Pack could be just a review unit for bloggers. There are pictures and videos of a similar Galaxy Note 8 Value Pack that Samsung sent only to reviewers last year. Smartphone companies like OnePlus are also known to send such review kits to the media.

Galaxy Note 9 will come with many freebies

When Samsung offered freebies in the past, they were never included in the smartphone box. Depending on the region and the freebies, there was always a separate process to claim them. Not including promotional gifts in the smartphone retail package gives Samsung the flexibility to modify promotions at any time. It is doubtful Samsung will change that strategy anytime soon.

Whether Samsung offers a Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack to the customers or not, there is enough evidence to show the Galaxy Note 9 will come with many free gifts. Seemingly credible reports say that customers who pre-order a Galaxy Note 9 can get either a wireless AKG headphone or a Fortnite gaming pack. Customers can also apparently pay $99 to get both these items. On top of these promotions, you can also expect carriers to come up with lucrative Galaxy Note 9 deals to attract new customers.

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