Galaxy S8 and Note 8 get stickers in the Samsung Calendar app

Samsung is rolling out an update to the Samsung Calendar app via the Galaxy Apps store. The update brings stickers support in calendar to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 users. Until now, Samsung Calendar supported stickers only on the Galaxy S9/S9+ but is now available on older flagship devices as well.

While some might find using stickers in a calendar silly, they can act as easy-to-read visual identifiers to quickly look at the calendar entries. Using specific stickers for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc. makes it easy to see your upcoming appointments and events with a simple glance.

Update available in the Galaxy App store

The update is already available in the Galaxy Apps store to eligible devices. If you turned-off automatic app updates on your device, you can go to the Galaxy Apps update section and manually update the app. We don’t know if and when this feature is coming to other Samsung devices with the Samsung Calendar app. Older Samsung devices with S Planner have long allowed users to set a sticker for a particular day in the same manner as the Samsung Calendar app.

The Samsung Calendar update seems to be part of Samsung’s efforts to bring some of the new features and tweaks from the Galaxy S9/S9+ to the older flagship devices. Samsung also recently updated its Samsung Experience launcher to bring the Galaxy S9’s home screen rotation feature to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

These small updates also showcase the advantages of unbundling some of the system apps and servicing them via app updates.

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